David Snively - Author

A Story About David

A long time ago, after graduating from college in Schenectady, New York, David Snively married Heather, the love of his life and moved to Ohio to work for Standard Oil Company. He started, as all trainees did, pumping gas at a service station. Through the years which followed, David's career expanded and advanced and he was proud to retire 30 years later as Corporate Vice President of State Government and Community Affairs.

His first day as a retiree, Heather asked him if, now that he was retired, would follow through with his pledge. Puzzled, he asked what that pledge was and she told him.

"Whenever you came back from a business trip, you'd take the book you bought at the airport and toss it in the resale box. Every time you did, you'd tell me you could write a better book. I asked when you were going to do it and you always said the same thing. 'When I retire.' Well, it's time to get rolling."

It's now been 22 years and In The Zone is David's first book. The sequel, he says, is on the way.