David Snively - Author

Stories By David

While David has been writing short stories for many years, it has only been recently any of them have been published. In 2010, he entered two of his favorites in a Florida writing competition. To his delight and surprise, both received honorable mention and were published in Journeys IV, an anthology of successful entrants. He was hooked! The following year, two of his stories were again chosen and, feeling he was perhaps on a role, he entered the next year's competition as well. Was third time a charm? Apparently it was! He's now had six of his short stories published! One of the stories which was published in Journeys V, generated so many comments from readers, who liked the story and were sad it had ended, he decided to turn that story, In The Zone, into what has now become his first published novel. Hoping readers will feel the same about the novel as they did about the short story, he's started work on the sequel, tentatively titled Beyond The Zone. All the books mentioned above are available from Amazon.Com in print and Kindle formats. Titles are listed below. David hopes you'll read and enjoy them and wants to point out the Journeys anthology, in addition to containing his stories, also include many other award-winning tales.

Journeys IV contains Not My Day and Reasonable Doubt plus 33 other stories.

Journeys V contains In The Zone and Enablers Are Evil plus 21 other stories.

Journeys VI contains The Expediter and Civil Justice plus 28 other stories.

In The Zone is David's first published novel!